Most of the preparation happens on our end and is discussed during our call. We want you to feel comfortable, natural, and unrehearsed. After our first call, you can help by finding some support material: photos, home videos and memorabilia and preparing that. But do not worry, those are just bonuses and we will talk more about it when we connect.

The shoot is a casual “sit and chat” or “walk and talk”. We can take breaks as needed to assure everyone involved feels at their best. We build a rough schedule and share that with you prior to our shoot day(s).

It is encouraged! We will discuss all this and incorporate it into your shot list during our call.

Absolutely. This is a great way to honour your loved ones.

Yes. The Gift of Forever Legacy video is yours to share.

Absolutely. But if you would prefer us to do so, our experienced editors are happy to make an appropriate selection. There may be some licensing fees for copyright music.

Yes. You may send the Gift of Forever Legacy video to your loved ones; they are gifts after all! Do not forget, you may want to take advantage of our password protected custom family website and domain option as well.

You should dress however you feel most comfortable!