About Us

Gift of Forever is a production company that focuses on preserving your stories for the future generations. It was founded by Lee Pham who had a close relationship with his grandmother. Before she passed, Lee visited his grandma in Vietnam and asked her to share her stories. Years later, his niece and nephew attended their own grandmother’s funeral, but were too young to understand gravity of the moment. Lee was inspired to find a means to connect loved ones over generations. 

Through the power of film, Gift of Forever will connect your family across the generations. 

We offer premium services that make use of our team of experienced directors, cinematographers, and editors to develop a cinematic personalized masterpiece. Our mission is to solidify your ancestral history and document those moments of absolute joy, overcoming adversity, and finding love. 

“See grandpa play the piano one more time.” 
“Watch as mom cooks your favourite childhood meal.” 
“Let the kids hear nana tell stories.” 

“Hear about how dad started his business.” 
“Find out how mom and dad fell in love.”