Give the Gift of Forever

We are Gift of Forever.

We capture life’s most precious memories and craft a full-feature film of your cherished loved ones. Our mission is to create your family’s legacy video – an eternal token of your most special people, capturing their essence and sharing their stories.

We capture your family stories
that will be shared for generations

We Capture Your Family Stories That Will Be Shared For Generations.

Through the power of film, Gift of Forever will connect your family across the generations. 
We offer premium services that make use of our team of experienced directors, cinematographers, and editors to develop a cinematic personalized masterpiece. Our mission is to solidify your ancestral history and document those moments of absolute joy, overcoming adversity, and finding love.

“See grandpa play the piano one more time.” 
“Watch as mom cooks your favourite childhood meal.” 
“Let the kids hear nana tell stories.” 
“Hear about how dad started his business.” 
“Find out how mom and dad fell in love.

Gift of Forever is a production company that focuses on preserving your stories for the future generations. It was founded by Lee Pham who had a close relationship with his grandmother. Before she passed, Lee visited his grandma in Vietnam and asked her to share her stories. Years later, his niece and nephew attended their own grandmother’s funeral, but were too young to understand gravity of the moment. Lee was inspired to find a means to connect loved ones over generations.

Our Approach


We are a dedicated team of memory makers. Our directors, cinematographer and editors are experts who have worked in every aspect of the film industry. We are passionate about our craft and believe that our expansive knowledge of filmmaking makes us the best choice for you and your loved ones.


Our human history flows from the stories we tell – cave drawings, autobiographies, memoirs. Gift of Forever continues this tradition through the modern approach: the legacy video. By weaving interviews together with family photos, home videos, documents, and other memorabilia, we create modern day memoirs that preserve the stories of our ancestors for the generations to come.


The most important element of your legacy video is the story. As such, our focus is on helping you recount the fascinating and compelling moments of your life. From a technical standpoint, we also push the boundaries in storytelling by using the best equipment the scenario calls for, be it aerial drones, gimbal stabilizers, 4K UHD video delivery, or even vintage film accessories.


We value simplicity and authenticity. These basic principles guide our style of filmmaking. They also inform our warm approach, which allows for the free flowing of years’ worth of stories and the capturing of genuinely candid moments.

Our Process

Step 1

After contact is made, we will schedule a video conference call. We will discuss the process, the stories you want to share, and any of your questions and concerns. 

Step 2

We come to your home, set up our cameras and discreet lights, and record our conversation in an intimate, yet casual way. What is captured is then shared with our editors. 

Step 3

Our editors will spend a few weeks working on your film. Along the way, we will keep you involved to ensure that we are making the most genuine representation of your family. 

Step 4

The finished Gift of Forever is delivered to you to distribute as you wish. We will provide both the edited and uncut footage. We also offer to host a special website for you and your family that is password protected. This additional, but valuable service grants generational access to archivable family materials. 

Capture the Story. Keep it Forever

There are moments that we experience that alter us in ways that will last the rest our lives. We now have the opportunity to be able share these moments eternally. The Gift of Forever is the promise that “I’ll remember and cherish you for eternity.”  
The stories will last forever and can be shared endlessly from generation to generation. 

Emotional. Enchanting. Everlasting.

An emotional farewell edited beautiful with music and home videosShare the Gift of Forever legacy video at a eulogy, reunion or anniversary to deliver an important message, experience the memories and to celebrate a life. Be moved by the genuine emotions captured and shared through the stories.  

Created with Passion

Each video starts with the desire to bring about the greatest result for you and your family. We put all our knowledge, experience and heart into the production process. We believe that only through genuine commitment can we truly create unique legacy videos that gain the trust and satisfaction of our customers.  

COVID-19 Response

We adhere to all film and television industry health and safety standards during COVID-19 to mitigate potential on set risks. Including but not limited to wearing masks, sanitizing all film equipment and remaining socially distanced.  
Safety for you and our team is our top priority. 


Tiffany K.

Gift of Forever was one of the best decisions that we ever made! It has been a great experience for our family and the final product is amazing. Highly recommend! 

Lisa B.

Being able to see dad play my favourite song whenever I want has been the greatest gift. There is nothing more powerful than hearing him play and sing and also knowing that the grandkids are going to be able to experience it as well.  

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